ZX Origins

I have designed many 8x8 bitmap fonts for the 8-bit ZX Spectrum over the years and you can download them here to use in retro or “8-bit” themed (or in fact any) games you create - just drop me an email to let me know so I can showcase your game such as these ZX Spectrum games using ZX Origins fonts.

Each page shows various simulated screens using the typeface, some back-story on the design and inspiration as well as any variations, some alternatives and of course the download ZIP containing the various individual styles in a number of formats:

  • ch8 Spectrum raw 768-byte binary
  • tap Spectrum tape image (styles packed into one)
  • fzx Proportional FZX font
  • psf PC Screen Font
  • bdf Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format
  • png Portable Network Graphics
  • ttf TrueType

Enjoy some of these 128 typefaces containing a total of 238 individual fonts.

Additional fonts will appear here from time to time if and when they escape from my _incomplete folder.

For more information about how these fonts and preview tool came to be check out ZX-Origins - free 8-bit fonts for games.