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Reflections on Damien Guard, BSc (Hons)  

Taking a computer science honours degree in your spare time is a massive commitment and one that I’m not sure I would have embarked upon had I appreciated just how long the road would be when I started back in 1998.

It has taken me 9 courses, 7 years, 46 assignments, 8 exams and 1 final project (a mini-eBay).

The number of hours is difficult to calculate but the £3,500 fees is quite reasonable considering what full-time university fees amount to. This figure however was with a UK education subsidy which will no longer apply to students in the Channel Islands from next year so expect to pay about double that now.

During these 7 years I’ve moved house 5 times, relocated to another country twice, gone from employed to self-employed, changed car 3 times, motorcycle twice and worked on a number of interesting and great projects professionally.

I’ve changed so much on the way but I’m glad I saw it through to it’s conclusion (providing somehow I didn’t fail the exam and have to do another year of study!)

Here’s how it went, in reverse chronological order:

Those not hyper-linked are no longer offered as the OU have been quite swift in replacing courses as technology moves on. It is however a shame to see their low-level T223 course go as it was probably my favourite.

M360 was probably my least favourite as the Java based web development environment we were given to use was rather unimpressive and no doubt antiquated compared to modern Java platforms.

Now what am I going to do with all this spare time?

Perhaps a little more out-of-hours work, a little more fun and maybe even a bit more time to dabble with some pet projects – open source and otherwise.


5 responses  

  1. Yay you!

    Many congrats, now we both have letters after our names!


    Lemurgirl – October 17th, 2006
  2. Congrats mate :) It’s worth it in the end, I can’t believe it’s now 6 years almost to the day since I finished my very similar course of study. I agree that T223 was a lot of fun, it was brand new when I did it. And yeah, the Java tools they make you use are terrible. When I did it they had a deal with Borland over JBuilder, which was just naff as hell. I would have hoped they’d just let you use the latest Eclipse these days, since it’s free and all.

    Enjoy the graduation ceremony next spring!

    SteveOctober 17th, 2006
  3. Nice one mate, well done :)

    Perhaps with that spare time you could take a trip over to see your friends back in Jersey now and then ;)

    Carlo – October 17th, 2006
  4. Hey Mate

    Well done, very impressive, wish I had the commitment, time and everything else needed to do it :-)

    Tim Park – October 18th, 2006
  5. congratulations!!!!

    Victoriya Teregulova – October 28th, 2006

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