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AnkhSVN 1.0 RC4 out  

AnkhSVN has been updated since this post.

Secondary AnkhSVN iconsAnkhSVN is a Visual Studio add-in that delivers Subversion functionality where you need it and Arild has just made available release candidate 4 of the forthcoming 1.0 version.

Basic AnkhSVN iconsThe RC4 update sees some important fixes relating to deleting items and handling some non-core project types. Having recently looked at the Visual Studio API myself I’ll take my hat off to the team on having addressed these issues.

This release also the d├ębuts the new icon set I’ve been working on and will be the first time my pixel-plotting icon skills are to be seen by more than a handful of people. Previous icon sets have been for very specific software with limited user bases such as Monitor/RA BBS monitoring software or the ZX Spin Spectrum Emulator.

Here’s a couple of samples. Yeah the hearts for the repository and washing machine for clean-up are unusual and they are all Firefox style…


3 responses  

  1. Wow, sounds like a really handy project. I’ll be sure to take a look when I get a chance, after my exam period is over.

    Great work on the icons!

    CapBBeard – October 29th, 2006
  2. Not being familiar with the firefox style, what do the hearts mean?

    mph – October 30th, 2006
  3. The hearts aren’t a Firefox thing they’re my own idea, they represent the repository.

    It was either that or the cylinder to represent a database which has been done to death.

    Damien GuardNovember 1st, 2006

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