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InconsolataDG – Slashed zero’s  

Inconsolata now incorporates slashed zero’s rendering my version redundant. It has therefore been removed.

I’ve been messing about with FontForge and the Inconsolata font and come up with my own variant – InconsolataDG.

This version includes a slashed zero and the position of the horizontal bar on the lower-case f dropped to stop the blurring at 9/10 points. A whole 10 minutes work most of which included installing and configuring FontForge.

I’d actually done more work on it previously in FontLab but it did strange things to the curves – apparently converting B├ęzier to quadratic with imperfect results.

You can find it at my InconsolataDG page which will be updated as I make some more changes I want (loosing the loop on the lower-case g, filling in some missing symbols and maybe trying to get some hinting in there for improved Windows rendering).


: i and l characters modified to disambiguate l from 1 and ZIP now includes FontForge source file.


5 responses  

  1. Great, now disambiguate the 1/l and we would be making some progress…

    Duncan – December 1st, 2006
  2. Updated, see how you get on.

    Damien GuardDecember 2nd, 2006
  3. Your InconsolataDG page is a 404 now – any chance of getting it back?


    mikeb – September 11th, 2007
  4. Bump on the 404. InconsolataDG still exists?

    eeNovember 21st, 2007
  5. Inconsolata has been updated and now includes similar distinctions.


    Damien GuardNovember 28th, 2007

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