Envy Code R work continues

Envy Code R has been updated since this post.

I’ve been back less than 36 hours but have managed to spend a little more time working on Envy Code R.

I made the decision to keep it as close as Envy Code B as possible for the initial release except where compromises were made in Code B.

Changes include “hnruc” getting stronger curve, “0MN#!~,;:.” being brought in line with Code B, the “%” symbol redrawn. Most of the foreign accented characters for the Windows Latin 1252 code-page are done. Here’s how that Visual Studio sample now looks (again with ClearType)

Envy Code R preview #2 in VS at 10pt

The font is also looking very similar with standard (non-ClearType) font smoothing switched on. CRT users rejoice ;-)

There are still some problems – it appears that ClearType likes to squash characters up rather than let two touch each other hence the messed-up @ symbol and spacing issues with { and } right now. Also while the font is usable at other sizes it’s not as pretty and if you like your fonts large Inconsolata or Consolas will look much better.

I’m hoping to get an initial version out before Christmas which won’t include bold or any characters/symbols outside the standard 1252 character set. Bold is technically a whole second font and there are enough characters in Unicode to spend a lifetime drawing…


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