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Envy Code R preview #6 released with Visual Studio italics  

A newer version of Envy Code R is available.

Preview of the 461 glyphs in Envy Code R at point size 10 on Windows with ClearType.The last few days have been frantic ones putting the final touches to the next release of the Envy Code R typeface as I bring it closer to my idea of the perfect coding font.

Many glyphs have been redrawn, curves improved and a many additional characters and symbols added bringing the number of glyphs to 461 – enough to cover common European and US code pages including Windows/ISO 1250 & 1252 as well as MacOS Roman and a few others.

There was some interest in a bold variant and so once that was done I felt the urge to make an italic one too:

Envy Code R font in size 10 and size 20 showing bold, regular and italic variants.


As a bonus I’ve created a variant that overcomes Visual Studio’s aversion to italics by marking the italic font as bold. Choose ‘Envy Code R VS’ in the Font and Colors part of Visual Studio’s Options and choose bold wherever you want italics.

Here’s a sample at 10 point/ClearType with my own color scheme:

Envy Code R at point 10 in Visual Studio with italics!


A few things to note:

  • The new glyphs for accented characters, ligatures etc. might not be correct, they’re new to me
  • Bitmaps are missing so if you don’t use smoothing/anti-aliasing/ClearType stick to the prior PR4 release
  • Optimal size: Windows 10 point, Java 13 point and Mac OS X 12.5 point but looks good at larger sizes too
  • Some glyphs will be improved (96?&) but others can’t (WwMm@) as there are no more pixels to play with
  • At some sizes individual letters aren’t the right height, e.g. u,v,x at 12 point (damn hinting)

Download of this older version no longer available.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions here (or better yet blog about it!)


49 responses  

  1. Wow, this version looks really good. This is (and has been for a while) my favourite font to code in – absolutely superb! Thank you :)

    Steve EyreAugust 19th, 2007
  2. Having used EnvyCode since its beginning, I have to say that this is the best yet. The spacing issues of the early versions seem to be sorted.

    I also like the fact you’ve created a Visual Studio version for italic support… now, hows about fixing all the other annoyances Visual Studio? ;)

    Adrian RitchieAugust 19th, 2007
  3. Cheers for the Capital ‘R’ change, it looks a lot better than before.

    Under Java, the slash through the zero is rendered very heavily, so too ‘NMWZ’, lowercase is perfectly fine.

    see image for a screenshot

    As you have said before, Java has a bastardised font renderer so it may never look as awesome as on the mac/win native renderer.

    Stu – August 20th, 2007
  4. That’s almost certainly a problem with the font itself – I’ll take a look tonight. Probably one of the Mac-specific metrics gone askew although I tested it with Terminal before release.

    Damien GuardAugust 20th, 2007
  5. Hey Damien,

    I’m relatively new to Mac’s so this may well be user error, but using PR6 on textmate I get strange problems.

    Give me a shout if you need more information about my setup to figure out whats happening ;)

    Andrew DonaldsonAugust 20th, 2007
  6. To echo Andrews comment and provide more info; it only happens at sizes 12 and 13. Works otherwise.

    Michael Sheets – August 20th, 2007
  7. Very nice! I’m not sure I’d want this font as my default because it’s a bit blocky. Of course that’s a matter of taste. But it will certainly be a nice change of pace when I need a break from Vera Sans Mono and Consolas.

    I have an issue in Windows though: the font chooser dialog won’t let me select a non-bold variant. The “standard” weight is the bold version and the only other available weight is “bold italic”.

    I also have a request: could you make the curly quotes more pronouncedly curly? (This is one aspect I *really* like about Consolas.) Also, it would be very nice if you could add a few box drawing characters so the font would be useful for PuTTY, say. (This is one aspect I *really* dislike about Consolas.)

    Aristotle PagaltzisAugust 21st, 2007
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    Dev by MX » Editor - new fontAugust 27th, 2007
  9. Damien,

    First time I tried Envy Code R, and it’s looking mighty fine! Love the VS italicss hack :)
    My only complain would be that 14pt is too small, while 15pt is huge :)

    Tomas RestrepoAugust 29th, 2007
  10. This font is absolutely awesome. The VS italics hack is brilliant! Envy Code R is my favourite coding font from now on, beating Consolas and Inconsolata. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

    Gleb DolgichSeptember 4th, 2007
  11. I recently discovered Envy Code R and it easily replaced Dina as my favourite coding font.
    It’s very clear, yet still pleasing to the eye. Great work!

    BTW I’d also really appreciate added block-characters, so I could use it in PuTTY as well…

    Christoph Haunschmidt – September 7th, 2007
  12. I would like to suggest a tweak to the comma. It is difficult to see the difference in
    smaller point sizes between a comma and a period, and between a colon and a semi-colon.

    ReadOnly – September 10th, 2007
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  14. This looks really pretty in Windows! Unfortunately, Windows
    Java 6 w/Swing gets very, very confused by something:

    Jay Levitt – September 11th, 2007
  15. Damien,

    The font looks great in the editor, but unfortunately in some Java apps (NetBeans auto-complete drop-down list) the fonts are all messed up (as Jay wrote).

    Is there any interim fix that we could try?



    Eddy YoungSeptember 14th, 2007
  16. I’m really not sure what is causing it. I will have to install NetBeans or JEdit and try experimenting. At a guess I’d say it could be something off with one of the metrics but they are auto-calculated by the design software.

    Damien GuardSeptember 18th, 2007
  17. For what it’s worth, the issue appear only at sizes 13 and below.

    — Eddy

    Eddy YoungSeptember 19th, 2007
  18. At some point, I don’t recall seeing it yet, would you consider the full monty lower case g ? The Envy version isn’t bad as some, but still not fully differentiable from q and o.


    robert – October 5th, 2007
  19. Not entirely sure what you mean by the full-monty. You mean more of a curve on the existing open-tail or conversion to a full loop-tail?

    I’m not a big fan of loop-tails when used in fonts designed for clarity/small sizes so I don’t see that happening but I could re-introduce a curve if there was demand.

    Damien GuardOctober 6th, 2007
  20. When I entered the message, I included the g, and got the andale/consolas/pragmata version as example, but the posted version doesn’t show this. I’ve used Envy fonts, and generally like them, except for the g. Many fonts leave the descender too small and the circle too large, Envy R not as much as some. The other versions have g as a very unique glyph; it can’t be confused with anything else. Likely more work, too; I suspect.

    As to the java issue. I use jswat debugger, and Envy R is unreadable. About the only one that works is Andale; dotted zero looks too much like an 8.

    robert – October 7th, 2007
  21. Damien,

    I am so pleased with your font. I cannot explain enough how nice they look under Gnome on my 19′ LCD display. Here’s the screeny:

    For combarison, Monaco from Apple:

    I don’t know about the license you’re planning to distribute them but the reality is, *Nix world needs fonts like these so much!

    Keep up the great work!

    Metin AmiroffOctober 27th, 2007
  22. Thanks for the kind words – it’s good to know they look pretty good under Gnome.

    The font will remain free-of-charge but copyrighted for now but if any of the Linux distributions are actually interested in including it I could quite likely be persuaded to switch to a proper open license.

    Damien GuardOctober 27th, 2007
  23. I can’t seem to install the font(s) on Vista. I get some error:

    The file is not a valid font file and cannot be installed.

    Is this a Vista problem? Or is there some special way to install the font other than to drag and drop the font files into the font folder?

    Calvin – October 28th, 2007
  24. Hmm, not sure why that might be. I have finally got a copy of Vista (via the MS employee store for $45 :D ) and will be installing it just as soon as my new HD arrives (about a week).

    Will be able to test then and issue a fix.

    Damien GuardOctober 28th, 2007
  25. I’ve been using Triskweline quite happily, at 12.5 or 13pt on a Mac,

    I find it open and clear.

    Adrian Bool – November 8th, 2007
  26. Mr Moderator! Please feel free to dump my previous message. I forgot to hit back and comment in a forum discussing fixed width fonts which linked to your font. I was not intending on spamming your Envy
    discussion with alternative fonts.

    I did find Triskweline more comfortable than Envy Code R though. The Zeros in Envy were far too heavy
    for me.

    Regards, aid

    Adrian Bool – November 8th, 2007
  27. It’s okay, your comments can stay :) I’ll give that one and shot and see what it looks like. The real problem is that the renderers on Windows, Mac, Linux and Java all draw the fonts very slightly different and diagonal lines is one of the major headaches. What looks great on Windows looks too heavy on Mac/Java…

    Once I get this font looking just how I want (probably PR7) then I’ll have to seriously look into hinting the font to try and get it spot-on for each platform. Failing that I could branch off another version and tweak that for 13pt on the Mac to look just as good (I find all the characters are a bit bold on the Mac atm at 12.5).

    Damien GuardNovember 8th, 2007
  28. Sweet font. I’ve tried it on both Linux and Windows as a font in gvim, and it looks sweet – on Windows it’s getting a trial as my new programming font.

    Netbeans on Linux at 13pt is nice, but I think my current favorite (DejaVu LGC Sans Mono at 9pt or 10pt on Windows and Linux, or 13pt for Java apps like NetBeans) still wins.

    If I were forced to come up with suggestions:

    1. comma and semicolon need a bit more “swing”.
    2. Java rendering of 0 is suboptimal (but you know that).
    3. WNM all get really smeared out when bold, especially in Java at 13pt.

    Great work!

    Greg Jandl – November 15th, 2007
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  30. Hi Damiel,

    your font rocks!!!!!!
    Very good!!!


    Federico – November 29th, 2007
  31. Great font, I’d like to use it instead of Droid Sans Mono. Unfortunately does not work with Russian Windows-1251 codepage.

    Snakeye – November 30th, 2007
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  33. Awesome work! This is a killer programming font, and looks to replace my current Bitstream Vera Sans Mono preference!

    Collin AllenDecember 20th, 2007
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  35. It’s the best font for programming I have ever used.
    Its compact, clear and nice. Thank you for the development!

    Angel – January 10th, 2008
  36. Just wanted to post that I’ve been using the font for a few months now and am REALLY
    enjoying it. I’m using it right now with kde4 and kdevelop. I’m also one of those
    optimists that check back on your blog every few days in hope of seeing an update. I
    can hardly wait to see what more you do with it! Thanks so much! This is a phenomenal
    coding font.


    Christopher – January 17th, 2008
  37. Having gone through a barrage of monospaced fonts, I realized Envy Code R is by far the best free font available. Although, I really liked Paragmata font, I couldn’t use it due to the hefty price tag on it (‘am not earning yet).

    Envy Code R has everything I liked about Paragmata, so basically it’s a no brainer for me.

    Thank you Damien!

    Jagtesh ChadhaJanuary 29th, 2008
  38. pretty font but not very usable IMHO. on my screen, commas look like periods. semicolons look like colons. two of the most important characters in C# coding.

    mario – March 1st, 2008
  39. Wow!!! This is the best font I have ever seen. Thank you.

    Deepak A – March 6th, 2008
  40. Damien,

    I’ve been using envy r vs for awhile now and I am hooked hard, but I am running into the weirdest issue with it. Whenever I view Visual Studio (08 or 05) over remote desktop, all of the lowercase a’s are converted to lowercase d’s. This is kind of a nutty problem, but do you have any ideas about it?


    shawn – March 27th, 2008
  41. For a newbie, how does one install fonts from the files in the zip archive that I downloaded, there’s no installer (setup.exe). I have windows xp sp2.


    Eric – March 29th, 2008
  42. Go into Start Menu > Control Panel > Fonts

    Now unzip the file using extract all. Then drag the .ttf and .otf files from the unzipped folder into the Fonts window.

    Damien GuardMarch 30th, 2008
  43. hi,
    i have some trouble getting the “italicasbold” version to work under vista sp1.
    it seems its not recognized as a valid truetype font :(

    Sven – April 7th, 2008
  44. I donn’t know why but its working today. oO

    Stupid Vista…

    Sven – April 8th, 2008
  45. I’m using the fonts in my text editor, too. Very clear.

    Alvaro – May 1st, 2008
  46. This is just..WOW!!! amazing, perfect coding font!

    Amazing!May 8th, 2008
  47. Hey Damien
    Just came across this post and your fonts. Very nice. and I really like your color scheme.

    I’ve been a consolas guy for a number of years now, and one of the big reasons is the lower “m”.

    Envy seems to have a similar prob as a lot of other fonts. I’m guessing because it’s compressed a bit horizontally, the lower m doesn’t have much space to breath, so (at least to my eyes), it tends to fuzz considerably at 14 pt in VS.

    Whereas Consolas’s lower m is much clearer.

    However, I really like your line draw chars, and the Bold-Italic trick for VS is utterly fantastic.

    Do you see what I mean about the m’s? I can shoot you some screen shots if you like. And again, it might just be me

    DarinAugust 8th, 2008
  48. Thanks…it works really nice on e-text editor and Aptana IDE.

    Thura Z. – August 18th, 2008
  49. Many thanks, it looks so good that I start to enjoy coding :D

    ChankitOctober 29th, 2008