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On Saturday an explosion at ISP ThePlanet took this site offline and it remained like that for 48 hours whilst power and structure were restored to the 4,000+ affected servers.

It’s unfortunate it happened when the site got some DotNetKicks and StumbleUpon love for Envy Code R but at least this isn’t a commercial venture losing money to such an incident – if it was I’d have a warm standby somewhere else – something many of ThePlanet’s commercial customers didn’t.

If downloads and images aren’t working for you then you’ll need to clear your DNS cache which may help the problem depending on the cache at your forwarder.

Windows ipconfig /flushdns
OS X Tiger lookupd -flushcache 
OS X Leopard dscacheutil -flushdns


2 responses  

  1. I just love the scale of the explosion, knocking down three walls. Good thing nobody was in there at the time.

    KezzerJune 2nd, 2008
  2. For this length of downtime (even after you posted this the server must have been taken offline again because I could only see the post on Google Reader), a sizeable explosion is the minimum explanation I would expect. I would also settle for zombie infestation. At a push.

    Glad to see you’re back up. Do you get any SLA-based compensation like a free months hosting or something?

    SteveJune 5th, 2008

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