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AnkhSVN 2.0 – free Subversion integration with Visual Studio  

The guys over on the AnkhSVN team have acquired new members and burnt the midnight oil to deliver a great 2.0 release with:

  • Subversion 1.5 merge & tracking support
  • Wizards to help step through tasks like merging
  • Now a source code control package (SCC) for smoother, faster integration
  • Pending changes window providing change summary
  • Easier to get up and running with the source
  • Property editor
  • Automatic update check

Despite all these great features it’s absolutely free and still works with older versions of Subversion and both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.

What are you waiting for, go download AnkhSVN 2.0 already!


6 responses  

  1. I kind of liked the non-SCC implementation, as it let me keep Visual Studio hooked up to TFS _and_ use SVN too, without having to switch the source control setting between projects.

    Adam VandenbergJuly 9th, 2008
  2. All current SCC implementations store in the .sln file which provider to use and load automatically when required. So just reopening a project should be enough to switch to the right SCC provider.


    Bert HuijbenJuly 14th, 2008
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  5. I just switched over to AnkhSVN 2 for VS2008 and finding the following problems:
    1) The most annoying thing is not reflecting the changed files on the Solution Explorer. I had to close the solution and reopen it to get it to reflect.
    2) Even when it shows file has been changed and not checked in and despite the ‘Show Changes’ does reveal difference, no matter how many times I press the ‘Commit’ button, it still does not commit to the repository. I even open and close the solution.

    I am now reverting it back to the previous version in order to work.

    Have I installed this incorrectly?


    Jack – August 9th, 2008
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