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Lolcats bungeeI’m missing my DVD collection terribly and might just give in and get it shipped over now I have a Pioneer DVD player that can play region 2 titles here albeit with a poor interlace PAL > NTSC conversion.

In the mean time I’ve been entertaining myself with the following comedy gems until I can at least find a proxy server in the UK to let me back into iPlayer (BBC) and Catch-Up (Channel 4) so I can watch QI, Top Gear and Grand Designs.


Adam & Joe – highlights from their BBC Radio 6 show has me laughing out loud in the office sometimes to the bemusement of colleagues.

Jonathan Ross more highlights this time from Jonathan’s Saturday morning show that is always worth a giggle.

(removed by BBC)


Weebl & Bob – two egg-shaped friends make sense of a purple world that never has enough pie but an abundance of silly voices, ninja pirates and tiny bovines.

Joy of Tech – geek cartoons from some Apple loving talent.


ICanHasCheezBurger – because there’s no such thing as too many pictures of cute cats with crazy captions aka Lolcats. (My own attempt shown at the top of this post)


Fonejacker – George just needs your bank account details and sort code for your gas refund (3 million Ugandan dollars) and the sales pitch of Internet service providings who offer a better level of Internet service providing.

MineSweeper The Movie – the only computer game left to convert into a movie. (Well, except for Half-Life which is just dying for a good movie). Some of the other strips on this site include Street Fighter: The Later Years.

Zero Punctuation – video game reviews full of more great English humor, quip and amusing animations to take your favorite games down a peg.


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  1. Avatar for Chris Hardy

    Have you not got a UKNova account? Very useful in times like these! Except from when they don’t cap the program you want to watch!

    Chris Hardy August 11th, 2008