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Guernsey Deliveries  

Many of the international delivery and courier companies subcontract to local Guernsey-based agents. If you are trying to find out where your package is (tracking tends to stop in the UK) this list can be very useful.

Courier Agent Phone Notes
City Link Guernsey Post 01481 711720 Used by eBuyer, Scan.
DHL Guernsey Freight Services 01481 238180 Complete with branded DHL van!
FedEx Guernsey Post 01481 711720
HDNL / Yodel Guernsey Post 01481 711720 Used by sometimes
Interlink Express CT Freight Ltd 01481 201121
Royal Mail Guernsey Post 01481 711720
Ship2Me Paul Davis Freight Services (small items Guernsey Post) 0845 5196995
TNT Express Ferryspeed Guernsey 0148 1249190 Used by Dell
UPS HRAir 01481 235273 Used by Apple, Microsoft
USPS Guernsey Post 01481 711720
Walsh Western/Syncreon Condor Logistics 01481 242020 Used by Dell

6 responses  

  1. All courier items arrive between 5:30am and 6:30am at Guernsey Post and are out for delivery the same day. Usually within 2 hours of arriving.
    If you have any feedback, suggestions for improvement, additional services or delivery options you would like to see, please get in touch.

    SteveLApril 23rd, 2013
  2. Some of the hdnl is also supplied by Ct Freight
    As well as syncreon returns for Dell
    They also operate for Interlink and DPD from the Uk
    Re deliveries are done just sometimes the sender specifies that the parcel has to be delivered to the correct address and have a signature that is not the fault of CT Freight in Guernsey that is the conditions put in place by the company sending your parcel.

    Phill – October 31st, 2013
  3. Heulin Renouf no longer exist.
    UPS is handled by HR Air – 235273
    Others by CI Lines – 201430

    Good Luck
    (If you’re receiving stuff by courier in Guernsey. you’ll need it.)
    (If you’re receiving stuff by courier in Sark, you are SOL)
    So learn your lesson: The answer is that Jimmy MAY get it to you next Wednesday afternoon!

    P*ssed off SarkeeApril 7th, 2014
  4. Breakwells carry goods for many locals in Guernsey and Jersey, and they are tracked all the way. Always a friendly knowledgeable voice on the phone to answer any questions. or 01562 755494

    John BurstonMarch 9th, 2017
  5. Does anyone know who the carrier is locally for Arrow XL? This is who Amazon use for bulky returns.

    Bouncy – April 12th, 2017
  6. I don’t know who is the local carrier for ArrowXL but I know they will deliver here but will not collect here. I have just recently been through this issue with Amazon myself with a bulky return. ArrowXL won’t recognise our postcodes for pick-up. They arranged a collection with DPD however DPD cancelled this as according to the local DPD office they won’t deal with Amazon pick-ups because Amazon don’t do the correct paperwork. They guy said something about it’s customs and us being non EU.

    Amazon in the end told me they would refund the full return costs of any courier I used to return it. I managed to use Guernsey Post at a cost of £15 and got that back.

    I am now waiting for a delivery via ArrowXL but apparently I will get called when it gets here because we are out of the normal delivery area.

    SimonGMay 10th, 2017

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