Guernsey Deliveries

Many of the international delivery and courier companies subcontract to local Guernsey-based agents. If you are trying to find out where your package is (tracking tends to stop in the UK), this list can be useful.

Courier Agent Phone Notes
City Link Regency Logistics 01481 235545 Used by eBuyer, Scan.
DHL Guernsey Freight Services 01481 238180 Complete with branded DHL van!
DPD CT Freight 01481 201121  
FedEx Guernsey Post 01481 711720  
HDNL / Yodel Guernsey Post 01481 711720 Used by sometimes
Royal Mail Guernsey Post 01481 711720  
Ship2Me Paul Davis Freight Services 0845 5196995  
TNT Express Ferryspeed Guernsey 0148 1249190  
UPS HR Air 01481 235273 Used by Apple, Microsoft
USPS Guernsey Post 01481 711720  
Walsh Western/Syncreon Condor Logistics 01481 242020 Used by Dell

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