Chit A clean sheet for serious business.

Simulated usage

I thought I was done with clean sans-serif designs having done a fair few. Imagine my surprise that when reaching for a sans-serif I found none of them quite fit the design I was looking for. ZX OCR-B came close but felt a bit too narrow in places and had those very distinguishable marks. I turned to Carton which had the wrong flourishes, Plotter was closer in flourish but was too wide and the condensed version too forced. I wanted something that would feel more proportional and go with the extra spacing than stretching everything out - something a bit more like ZX Palm but not so narrow.

And so against all odds, here is a smart, new sans-serif in 2021 for your consumption and pleasure.

It comes with with a bold weight, smart numbers and punctuation left-shifted for better-looking paragraphs and prose.