Chunky Monkey Excessively bold yet friendly and readable

I created this font as part of the BASIN package around 2006 to see just how bold you could go in an 8x8 grid while still making it readable.

This font's original release had a slightly taller upper-case with the lower-case shifted up one pixel to allow a small descender. I don't feel it really worked very well, and so the alphas have been reduced one pixel in height in this release to make it more readable.

The font is still quite readable despite the chunky bold nature and not harsh with playful bubble-like curves. It works best for titles or short runs of text.

Can be seen in Grabanakki, Zooming Secretary, Cheril the Writer, Spookynakki, Extreme Volleyball Infernal League, SquirrelOS and Percy Penguin in The Present Palaver.

Simulated usage