Cyberwire Glowing nano-filament bathed in cyan and purple hues.

Simulated usage

This font was originally drawn sometime in 2020 but never quite felt done. I dusted it off for the 2021 advent calendar but it still fit quite right.

Good fonts like good graphic design have an internal language and consistency that flows through it. Deviations are intentional and obvious.

This font just wouldn't fit that philosophy and so here we have a futuristic bold angled font that also harks back to 1920s art-deco. The capitals sport just single-pixel wide vertical strokes to contrast against their 3 pixel wide strokes while the lower case refuse to conform and goes with bolder 2 pixel wide for less contrast. Serifs are sparse and point to the left or point down depending on which where the space was available.

It is what it is.