Scribe Scribe opens hearts to write many a haiku Reader is yes blessed.

Simulated usage

This is a recent attempt to take a hand-flowing form and make it look elegant and precise - as if it was written by a scribe. (The font I previously called Scribe was renamed to Parchment as it's far too haphazard for such a name).

This font is a 2020 creation and works surprisingly well in titles, prose and indeed lists. It would work very well for a historical text adventure and shines on old CRT displays or emulators with CRT effects.

Bold, condensed, and smaller-lowercase versions were subsequently added, and then inspiration arrived for two further variations - an 'Eire' Irish inspired version and a 'Hylean' one taking cues from a Legend of Zelda Manga.

Can be seen in Pi-Dentity, La última mazmorra, The Seance, and Pilgrim's Peril.