Open University M360 results for Christmas

As some of my friends know I’m currently studying with the Open University for my computing degree.

This year my exam results, along with a number of fellow students were delayed… Until 3 days before Christmas where they promptly announced with lots of students wondering exactly what happened. It appears many of us got distinction grade (85%+) coursework… and grade 3 quality exam results (60%+). Some people with very good coursework grades have failed entirely.

Either the course material was too easy and did not give us a good indication of progress or the exam was too harshly marked. Almost everyone seems to have suffered a major drop in grades between 19% and 37%. A fellow student has commented the average is normally 20%.

I’m rather at odds with the situation. I’m supposed to be learning. How are you to learn from an exam that is both essential to your result and entirely devoid of feedback? Where’s the lesson apart from don’t bother. Oh, and it’s Open as in available to many people, not open as in how it work.

I would advise anyone considering M360 – Developing Internet Applications to only take it if your grade won’t affect your diploma. It is otherwise quite an enjoyable course.



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