Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’ve just been to see this little ditty at the local cinema (well, 20 seats in front of something a little bigger than a plasma screen that’s a story unto itself).

So, to the film… The visual style is very slick and Burton-esq, the cast are well chosen and the details fantastic (an old style car with remote central locking and a tape-reel audio system….) but ultimately let down a little by the script.

The narration did not enrich the story telling process instead it broke the flow and stole valuable screen time while the actual story, such as it was, felt a little predictable with a couple of repetitive elements but more importantly a major plot element that started to get unraveled disappears into the ether without resolution.

Still, it had it’s moments and for the most part was enjoyable but you can’t help wondering with such style and talent if it couldn’t have been something much better.


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