Guernsey broadband services

I want faster DSL…. 512KB just isn’t cutting it, I used to enjoy 2MB in Jersey… Let’s examine the pricing shall we…

  • 512 KB
    • Jersey Telecom 24.99
    • C&W Guernsey 26.99
  • 1 MB
    • C&W UK 24.99
    • Jersey Telecom 44.99
    • C&W Guernsey 149.99
  • 2 MB
    • C&W UK 29.99
    • Jersey Telecom 84.99
    • C&W Guernsey 189.99

Yes you could argue the C&W Gsy has better contention ratios but the fact is they don’t even offer a home service for anything above 512KB.

C&W Gsy have announced broadband upgrades… It sounds like they’ll be upping everybody to 1MB “for free”. In fact I think they are cutting the price for 512KB and introducing a 1MB service at the old price… and just upgrading everybody to make sure they don’t loose revenue.


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  1. Avatar for Adrian Ritchie

    The BBC has recently posted a story about 512k ADSL being as cheap as £9.99.

    The company offering the cheap ADSL is UK Online and they are also offering 8Mb for as little as £29.99.

    Adrian Ritchie April 25, 2006