C&W Guernsey and short-code text messages

Living in Guernsey requires you develop a thick skin with regards to availability of goods and services. Many a time you can find a great deal on-line only to find they won’t ship here or if they do they want to charge you £50 to get it here. And get used to phoning and emailing companies for your VAT back every time you order (such as for Amazon and Apple).

One such annoyance is the inability to use short-code text messages such as 604664 for Google SMS as well as the silly UK TV voting systems.

Well, straight from the offices of Cable & Wireless Guernsey:

“Thanks for your enquiry regarding SMS premium rate short code access. We cannot currently offer this service, but we are working on a solution to this and expect to be able to offer the service by late 2005.”

At least somebody is working on it :)


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