C&W Guernsey 1MBit ADSL

Wondering what happened to Cable & Wireless’ planned 1MBit ADSL upgraded service? Their web site has been very quiet so I emailed and got this response I thought I’d share;

Dear Customer

Earlier in June, we emailed you to explain our plans to increase the speed of most of our Broadband services – known as double bandwidth because, for example, the download speed will increase from 512kbit to 1Mbit for our basic service. This will give you an even better surfing experience and put us well ahead of other similar -sized locations in delivering customers a value for money Broadband service. Take a look at the list below to see how much better off you will be:

Monthly charge for unlimited 1Mbit service

C&W Guernsey £26.99 Jersey £44.99 Isle of Man £49.99

C&W Guernsey plans to go ahead with the necessary upgrade. However, in order to accommodate certain requirements of other local internet service providers, we have agreed to delay the upgrade which will now be completed on September 15th rather than in July as originally planned.

We are disappointed to have to inform you of the delays to this exciting project.

However, we have been reassured that there will be no further delay to our project and look forward to bringing you the extra benefits to your Broadband service.

Yours sincerely,

Caleb Zunino Product Manager – Internet Services Cable & Wireless Guernsey

I think they are trying to say that local ISPs Guernsey.Net and NewTel need to put additional bandwidth in to cope with their users being 1MBit as well (C&W provide the underlying ADSL to both ISPs as well as their own ISP connection too).


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