Apple to the Channel Islands – Get lost

Last week I was at the Apple Store UK ordering a universal dock connector for my iPod. Unexpectedly the the shipping address was not accepted – it claimed they were unable to accept orders from my post-code.

This was a strange turn of events – I’ve ordered a PowerBook G4, iLife, Apple Pro Keyboard, 20GB iPod and various other accessories in the past. I’ve not changed address or post-code for over a year so what’s the problem?

One telephone call and 6 Apple staff later I’m finally told they are no longer delivering to the Channel Islands. Apparently this is a new policy introduced in the last few weeks, perhaps I missed the big announcement or maybe they kept it quiet. They couldn’t tell me the reasoning why or just where I should now take my business.

Luckily for us here in Guernsey we have a local Apple authorized dealer called Guernsey Computers and their prices are quite reasonable. About an extra 5% on top of the non-VAT Apple Store prices. Our friends in Jersey aren’t so lucky and 20%+ is quite common – in fact the “Technology Store” here in Guernsey tends to put this sort of mark-up on their Apple goods too.

This does of course mean no more engraved iPods, no more education store or refurbished store pricing.

I guess the success of Apple’s iPod means they can just tell customers in minority regions to get lost.

Never mind the fact some were helping keep them afloat before they hit the iPod goldmine.


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  1. Avatar for Rob

    That's outrageous! I can appreciate some smaller retailers not wanting to deal with the hassle of the VAT issue and having to book a preferred courier in the islands but Apple aren't exactly of the size where such logistical difficulties become insurmountable.

    I've never even bothered to look at local stockists for Apple Kit as I was aware the markup was heinous and I can imagine it will only get worse now that they are the sole source.

    Thanks for the heads up Damien - Apple are going to be getting a very angry email over this.

    Rob April 25, 2006
  2. Avatar for Phrixus

    Guys, dont count out other retail channels though. Companies such as actually sell more Apple equipment than Apple themselves per year... the prices are good and they deliver a heck of a lot quicker than Apple do... customer service is great and all the Apple offers seem to be passed to customers!!

    Just my 2po!!!

    Phrixus April 25, 2006