Resolutions for 2006

I don’t actually wait until the new year to make resolutions but this is a convenient way of posting…

1. Buy less

I have far too much stuff already, books unread, movies unwatched and games unfinished. I certainly do not need a new 30″ Dell LCD especially as it is missing all the lovely inputs of my 24″ Dell. The two exceptions this year *might* be a new TV for the lounge and a new Apple x86 laptop to replace the aging x86 Dell and PPC PowerBook.

2. Read more

In my pile to read are a couple more Philip K Dick novels, Refactoring with Patterns, Knuth’s The Art of Programming and rounding off the end of Tony Hawks travels.

3. Travel more

I have a 10 day ski trip to Jackson USA booked for 2006 but that’s it. Clarissa would like to try skiing – most probably in Germany. A big holiday mid-year to Canada, New Zealand or Japan would be very cool indeed although somewhat unlikely.

4. Study harder

My 2005 assignment scores are in and fine and am now just waiting for the Open University to give me my TM427 project report mark. This should be my final year studying and I need a merit or better to achieve a first on my BSc (Honours) Information Technology and Computing degree.

This years course is T305 Digital Communications and I’ve already received a large chunk of study materials for block 1… and there are 6 blocks. This is going to require some serious commitment.

5. Blog often

Need to get these thoughts out and into my blog. Integrating it with and a new lick of CSS paint wouldn’t be totally out of the picture. Perhaps I can even squeeze a photo gallery in.


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