Four things meme

Fellow #webdev member Steven Woods has tagged me with the latest meme so here it is…

Four jobs I’ve had in my life

  1. Software Developer

  2. Software Engineer

  3. Programmer

  4. Lead Software Engineer

Err, yeah that’s the same job. It’s the only one I’ve had since school.

Four movies I can watch over and over

  1. Back to the Future

  2. Ghostbusters

  3. Groundhog Day

  4. Ferris Buller’s Day Off

I know, I know, heavy 80’s influence.

Four places I have lived

  1. England (Bristol)

  2. Guernsey (St. Andrews, St. Peter Port, St. Sampson’s)

  3. Jersey (St. Helier & Trinity)

Never lived anywhere else, looks like I’ve come up short again.

Four TV shows I love to watch

  1. Futurama

  2. Red Dwarf

  3. Father Ted

  4. 3rd Rock From The Sun

Four places I have been on vacation/holiday

  1. Canada (Vancouver, Victoria, Banff, Lake Louise)

  2. USA (Jackson, Stowe)

  3. Germany (Höchstadt)

  4. France (Brittany, Les Arcs, Flaine, Paris)

Four of my favorite dishes

  1. Chicken fajitas (cooked by yours truly)

  2. Chicken curry (my mum)

  3. Bacon stuffed chicken breasts (me)

  4. BBQ chicken on French bread (by Clarissa or myself)

Hmm, big on the chicken…

Four websites I visit daily

  1. Google (search + Gmail)
  2. Slashdot
  3. Digg
  4. Engadget

Four bloggers I am tagging

  1. Steve Streeting
  2. GrinGod
  3. Lemurgirl
  4. Joshua Marshall

But I’m not telling any of them so if they do notice I’ll know they’re reading ;-)


2 responses

  1. Avatar for Lemurgirl

    You're an evil man Mr Guard! But at least I noticed... so I'm gonna go do it now. Just for you :)


    Lemurgirl April 25, 2006
  2. Avatar for Joshua Marshall

    Hehe. Do I win a prize for noticing?

    Joshua Marshall April 25, 2006