Surfers Against Sewage

SAS team outside Charles Frossard HouseSurfers Against Sewage are holding a 60-hour vigil practically on my doorstep (no I’m not responsible for the Sewage) over at Charles Frossard House here in Guernsey at protest over Guernsey pumping raw sewage into the sea (Jersey has a proper plant so I’m told).

These guys travel around the UK and Europe meeting government representatives with an agenda to improving waste disposal procedures and methods including full treatment of sewage.

It’s pretty cold out there at the moment but it’s their last night and I’ve spent an interesting couple of hours chatting with them. The States of Guernsey are going for public consultation on the matter soon and I hope that islanders give it some support if they want to keep tourism.

Putting all your eggs in one basket, banking and it’s support services, is a dangerous move indeed.


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