Open University TM427 course results out

Okay, after a few nail biting days of;

“Your course result will be available Wednesday 22 March 2006”

“Your course result will be available Thursday 23 March 2006”

“Your course result will be available Friday 24 March 2006”

Wondering if the Open University web site will just say this indefinitely but no they came through a few minutes ago and I’ve managed to grab a grade 3 pass. I would have preferred a grade 2 (Merit) but I missed it by 1% on the assignments and 8% on the written project report.

Ho-hum at least it’s a pass. I really disliked the whole project year – it sounded fun but there was way too much “reflective learning” in it for me. I don’t want to learn about learning, this is my seventh (and hopefully final) year and I want to learn about the subjects I’ve chosen.

So now that leaves me with needed a merit on T305 Digital Communications – something well on target so far on my first two assignments. In fact I’m only a little off a distinction at the moment.

Hope I don’t get too distracted…


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  1. Avatar for Jason

    Hi, I am also doing TM427 this year.
    I agree with your comments its a very odd course and not much fun.
    Ive just started TMA03 and trying to figure out what I should put in my report.
    The course material is very much like a guessing game!


    Jason June 6, 2007