MacBook Pro round-up

Just a few quickies regarding my favorite laptop…

MacBook Pro disassembly

iFixit has published a MacBook Pro disassembly with photographs guiding you each step of the way.

Vista on the MacBook

Some other enterprising individuals have managed to use Boot Camp to get Vista going.

Windows right-click with the touch pad

RH Designs’ Apple Mouse lets you trigger a right mouse click from the track pad by holding down control – similar to what you do under OS X.

Meron 64-bit pin compatible with Core CPU

Intel have announced that their forthcoming Merom processor will be pin compatible with the existing Core Duo chips – indeed during his demo he swapped out one processor for another on his Dell laptop. The Merom gives 20% more performance at the same power consumption whilst also adding 64-bit processing. While the MacBook’s CPU is soldered in the Mac mini’s isn’t…

MacBook Pro benchmarks

I’m hoping to get some benchmarks together soon from PCMark05, Everest and 3DMark but here’s a sneaky preview of what’s to come


MacBook Pro CPU benchmarks


MacBook Pro FPU benchmarks


MacBook Pro Memory benchmarks

In the meantime check out the benchmarks from MacWorld.

MacBook iBook replacement

The current Rumor mill is putting the money on Apple releasing their iBook replacement soon bringing it under the Mac brand as simply MacBook (no Pro suffix). Whether it is going to be Duo or Solo based is up for debate but there seems to be some evidence to support multiple colours and a 13″ widescreen display.


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