Envy Code A & Code B programming fonts updated

Screenshot of Envy Code B font at 9ptThis month has seen my Envy Code A and Envy Code B fonts stumbled upon some 4,000 times thanks to a Digg to KeithDeven’s programming fonts page that links here.

I’ve taken this opportunity to update the fonts – Envy Code B had a couple of issues with mis-positioned characters in the 9pt version especially with “il#” characters in the bold one. Fixed.

Screenshot of Envy Code A at 12ptI’ve also decided to add a whole new size to Envy Code A – no it’s not smaller than the existing 7pt but rather new regular and bold 12pt variants. This is my biggest pixel-font yet and frankly I was at a loss with what to do with all the pixels. I think it’s a bit big for regular programming unless you’re running as some uber-high resolution but might be useful for demo’s and mentoring.

I’ve got about 30 odd 8×8 pixel fonts I did for the Spectrum converted into Windows .FON format now that I’ll be putting up soon. I’m also hoping to convert a few to pixelated TrueType’s – you know those that only look good at a single point size. This is useful for Mac and Flash users.


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