Apple MacBook released – cheaper than comparable Dell

Apple have released their MacBook to compete on the low-end with similar PC laptops. I thought I’d compare it to a very similar Dell offering by using the Apple and Dell web sites…

  Dell Inspiron 640m Apple MacBook
Processor Intel Core Duo Intel Core Duo
Processor speed GHz 1.83 1.83
Operating system Win XP Pro Mac OS X
Warranty 1 year 1 year
RAM size MB 512 512
RAM speed MHz 553 DDR2 667 DDR2
HD size GB 60 60
HD speed RPM 5400 5400
Optical 24xCD-RW
Screen size 14.1″ 13.3″
Screen res 1280×800 1280×800
Modem Yes No
Bluetooth No Yes
Wireless Mb 54 54
Battery Whr 53 55
Ethernet Mb 100 1,000
Height mm 38.6 27.5
Width mm 333 325
Depth mm 243 227
Weight kg 2.5 2.36
Audio-out Stereo jack Optical + stereo jack
Audio-in Mono jack Optical + mono jack
Video-out S-Video Mini DVI
Camera No Yes
Extras Works 7
iLife 06
Apple Remote
MagSafe power
Price – VAT £642.34 £637.45
Price + VAT £754.75 £749.00

That’s right, the Apple comes out at £5 cheaper.

In Dell’s favor is a .7″ bigger screen, modem and a card reader.

In Apple’s favor is Bluetooth, iLife 06, media center features, remote control, web camera, DVI and optical outputs, faster networking, bigger battery, faster RAM and a smaller and lighter package.

No doubt the anti-Apple brigade will find something to whine about but it certainly can’t be that it doesn’t run Windows.


3 responses

  1. Avatar for Steve

    Wow, that's a pretty damn good deal. Screen is a little too small for me (hell, everything looks small compared to my Vaio's 17" screen ;) Of course, it's about as portable as a lead brick too) but otherwise a very nice package.

    Steve May 16, 2006
  2. Avatar for Steve R

    You forget to mention the other advantage to the Macbook: No pressure to get an extended warranty!

    Steve R May 16, 2006
  3. Avatar for Rik Hemsley

    If you add bluetooth and a webcam (they're available options) to the Dell, the MacBook looks even cheaper. You could probably drop down to XP Home, though - if you didn't need to connect to a company network. Still, the MacBook is a fair bit cheaper.

    Rik Hemsley May 24, 2006