C&W Guernsey 2MB broadband

Cable & Wireless Guernsey are offering 1MB and 2MB “Professional” broadband packages for £49.99 and £79.99 a month respectively as from June 17th.

So what do you get for your extra £25 a month with their 1MB pro service over their existing 1MB service?

A static IP address and a 20:1 contention ratio (instead of dynamic IP and a 40:1). I couldn’t get any details regarding upload speeds other than “it’s the same”.


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    Oh yeah, sign me up right now, it's just so competitive with offers in other parts of the world. Perhaps they would like to have the shirt off my back too.

    Steve June 14, 2006
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    and people say were lucky living in the "Tax Haven" of guernsey! ooh yes sign me up for your incredible offer of 2mb broadband at only £79.99 a month right now!..........OH AND I STILL NEED TO PAY MOBILE PHONE CONNECTION AT £10 A MONTH AS WELL.........AND AN EXTRA £15 A MONTH FOR WAP........AND THE CALLS ASWELL.....SUPERB

    LUCAS February 3, 2007
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    Get yourself one of those high-paid Guernsey banking/insurance jobs, where you are earning £50k and lose only 20% of your salary to income tax, and then the tax haven side of things starts to work in your favour. The other day my parents bought a new flat-screen tv in England, and will be claiming their 17.5% VAT back on the purchase once they return to the island.

    Personally I live in London where there are £3 single tube tickets, I have to pay full 17.5% VAT on my purchases, the prices of alcohol, cigarettes and petrol are way more than Guernsey prices. Plus there is the congestion charge for driving a car through London and ridiculous parking fees (not to mention traffic wardens slapping tickets on anything that moves). And finally London is a sh't-hole to live in (pollution, traffic, muggers, gangs, drugs, over-population, etc) so count yourself lucky.

    another Steve January 6, 2008