Apple releases Boot Camp 1.1

This article is now out of date. Check Apple’s Boot Camp page for up-to-date information.

Apple have released Boot Camp 1.1 which, at a whopping 202MB, adds:

  • New Intel Mac (Mac Pro and presumably Xserve) support
  • Nvidia graphics drivers (in addition to the existing ATI ones)
  • iSight camera driver (at last)
  • Keyboard mapping tools (fn-F-keys now produces expect results, eject and UK keyboard fixes!)
  • Sound driver updated (headphones mute speakers, no more optical light on etc.)
  • Clock shifting between Windows and Mac OS X fixed (via start-up programs according to MysticOS)

Get drivers without burning a CD-R

  1. Grab something you can write to from OS X and read from Windows – a FAT formatted USB key or iPod will do
  2. In Finder navigate to Applications > Utilities and single-click Boot Camp Assistant
  3. Choose Show Package Contents from the context menu (the cog button in the finder tool bar or right mouse click)
  4. Go into the Contents and then Resources folder
  5. Double-click on DiskImage.dsk and wait for it to mount
  6. Drag Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP.exe to your USB key/iPod
  7. Reboot into Windows, access the device and enjoy

Art points out in the comments you can launch Boot Camp Assistant and then choose Utilities > Save Macintosh drivers to folder. Much easier, thanks Art.

Getting the Bluetooth drivers re-installed

It seems that once again Windows like to use it’s own signed drivers over whatever a third-party provide even if it’s own drivers are useless for the scenario…

If you find Bluetooth missing the following procedure should help.

Neither this tip nor myself can help with other Bluetooth problems such as detecting or pairing devices once Bluetooth is available. Try Apple Discussions for further help.

  1. Fire up Device Manager (right-click My Computer, choose Properties then select the Hardware tab and press the Device Manager button)
  2. Find the right device to correct which depending on your model…
    • MacBook Pro
      1. Select the View menu then Devices by connection
      2. Expand Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller – 27CB followed by USB Root Hub
      3. Right click on the USB Composite Device (or USB Human Interface Device if that’s listed instead) and choose Properties and click the Details tab
      4. This device should have an entry that starts USB\VID_05ac&PID_1000
    • Other models
      1. For each USB Composite Device or USB Human Interface Device right click and choose Properties
      2. Select the Details tab and see if it has an entry that starts _USB\VID_05ac&PID_1000
      3. If it does proceed to the next step, if not repeat these steps until you do
  3. Select the Drivers tab for this device
  4. Press the Update Drivers… button and then select No, not this time and press Next >
  5. Choose Install from a list of specific location (Advanced) and Next > again
  6. Choose Don’t search. I will chose the driver to install and Next > yet again
  7. Do you have the option Apple Bluetooth kicker?
    • Yes: Select Apple Bluetooth kicker and press Next >
    • No: Press the Have Disk… button then choose the directory C:\Program Files\Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP\BthKicker and press OK
  8. Agree to Microsoft that you don’t care it’s not signed
  9. Wait a while whilst it detects the radio and enumerator
  10. If it asks for bthub.sys or fkicker.exe
    • If you had Bluetooth before: You can find them in your windows\system32\drivers and windows\system32 directories respectively
    • If you didn’t have Bluetooth before: You can find them on your Windows XP CD-ROM in the i386 directory

Suggestions to Apple…

Remove the Windows drivers from the Boot Camp Assistant and make them separate download.

Personally I’d provide a Windows download that checked the Apple site for the latest drivers for your hardware and just downloaded whats needed. Downloading a 202MB package that includes drivers for graphics cards, network cards and other devices you don’t have is just a real pain – especially when even the drivers you do use haven’t been updated (ATI’s driver between 1.01 and 1.1 haven’t changed).

Now, how about the last missing few drivers… Infra-red/Apple Remote, the backlit keyboard and the Intel hardware monitoring.


52 responses

  1. Avatar for Simon

    Great advice - thanks!

    Simon 16 August 2006
  2. Avatar for J

    Didn't realise I'd lost Bluetooth at first - but thanks for advice on getting it back!!

    J 16 August 2006
  3. Avatar for Gully

    "USB Composite Device" isn't listed where you mention... instead a folder "USB Human Interface Deivice" is there with "HID Keyboard Device" is inside.

    Gully 17 August 2006
  4. Avatar for Gully

    Nevermind... I selected the USB Human Interface Device folder and followed your directions and it worked fine... thanks!

    Gully 17 August 2006
  5. Avatar for MysticalOS

    The clock is fixed by apple installing a startup program called "appletime" that simply runs every startup and sets the clock, just like OS X does when you boot back into it.

    MysticalOS 17 August 2006
  6. Avatar for Mark

    I accidently clicked to "uninstall" the new drivers, but it only seemed to re-install them? then I rebooted and my drivers are missing, but when I put run the installer again it tells me it can't find a file in teh temp folder, that is clearly there! I am not formatting again. What do I do?? :(

    Mark 17 August 2006
  7. Avatar for Art

    There is an easier way to get the drivers. Launch the assistant, then go to 'Utility' menu, then 'save Macintosh drivers to folder'

    Art 17 August 2006
  8. Avatar for Mysticalos

    Mark, i had to reformat when that happened....Since the cd will refuse to install updated drivers if it cannot remove the old ones...The installer script is flawed for the uninstaller too, if you had to rever to a previous state AT all, ie blue screen issue, you are out of luck in uninstalling those drivers or installing over them without major hacking of registry and files....I think the main bug is 1.1 drivers just pooorly install over 1.0.x drivers, if you didn't remove the old ones completely first the install got wacked up and caused problems for everyone....

    Mysticalos 17 August 2006
  9. Avatar for Steve

    Excuse my ignorance but I am unable to locate "Device Manager" in my Windows installation. Where is this program found?

    Steve 17 August 2006
  10. Avatar for Damien Guard

    Right click on My Computer (either in your start menu or on your desktop) and choose Properties from the menu.

    Click the Hardware tab then press the Device Manager button.

    Alternatively Start > Run and then type devmgmt.msc and hit return

    Damien Guard 17 August 2006
  11. Avatar for Steve

    Thanks Damien. I can now only find an ICH7 family not ICG7. Cannot locate Apple Kicker anywhere. I followed Apple's upgrade instructions to the letter. Had the previous version of Boot Camp installed.

    Steve 17 August 2006
  12. Avatar for Damien Guard

    Sorry, it should be ICH7 - fixed.

    Find the ICH7 labelled 27CB at the end. It's not the driver for that you should be changing though but the USB Composite Device or USB Human Interface Device two levels underneath it.

    If that doesn't show the Bluetooth Kicker but does have the device ID described above you could try the "Have a disk" button thats round there somewhere and point it to C:\Program Files\Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP\BthKicker

    Damien Guard 17 August 2006
  13. Avatar for Steve

    Damien, Got it! works great. Thanks so much for your help.

    Steve 17 August 2006
  14. Avatar for Suren

    I was able to find ICH7 labelled 27CB on my MacBook. Underneath it there is one Composite Device and two USB Human Interfac Device (each of them have a Keyboard interface and Mouse interface). That's it. I tried to do exactly what you described above. First selected the Composite device and located the driver for it. It said no suitable drivers found. Similaly when I tried to update drivers for the USB Human Interface, same thing happened.
    I initially had the older version of Boot Camp released recently and tried to update with Boot Camp 1.1. I have one VControl panel item for Bluetooth but it is empty. Earlier I used to have two types of derivers in it - 1. Apple Bluetooth and 2. Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator.
    I also do not know how to to a PrintScreen and Scroll Lock in MacBook (not MacBook Pro).
    ANy help will be appreciated.
    Thanks - Suren

    Suren 17 August 2006
  15. Avatar for Kathy Schrock

    Thanks SO muuch for the easy fix!


    Kathy Schrock 18 August 2006
  16. Avatar for Jon

    fixed my bluetooth, you are a star! thanks!

    Jon 18 August 2006
  17. Avatar for Damien Guard

    Sorry these instructions were based on the MacBook Pro configuration. There's no reason why they won't work for the MacBook but it seems that it is internally on a different USB bus.

    I've updated the instructions to make this clear and added a note about finding the device for other machines. If you do find it let me know what USB hub it is on and I'll add that here.

    Damien Guard 18 August 2006
  18. Avatar for Suren

    After following your instructions step-by-step, I am now able to get back my Bluetooth. Thank you.
    There are still 4 items in yellow in my device manager. One is Apple Remote (usb device), rest are some PCI or other devices. Thank you so much for all the help.

    Now I want to know how to do print-screen in bootcamp.

    Suren 18 August 2006
  19. Avatar for Erik

    Man you helped me end a full day of frustration on a positive note! I appreciate the tip. Now all my devices are coming up without exclaimation points!

    Though I'm still having trouble doing a PAM call out the usb or bluetooth with my sprint a900 phone. if anyone had any ideas on that that would be cool. It basically just connects, disconnects, then gives me a Error #633


    Erik 18 August 2006
  20. Avatar for Damien Guard

    Suren, you can fix one of them - the Unknown device attached to Intel 82801GBM LPC Interface Controller - 27B9 - by installing the Infineon TPM package from Intel's site, as described on my post

    Erik, no idea what that problem is I only use Bluetooth to sync contacts :(

    Damien Guard 18 August 2006
  21. Avatar for Damien Guard

    Most of the time it detects monitors as they are connected... with admittedly varying success.

    There is an option in the ATI Display Settings to save a particular monitor configuration scheme and to assign it a hotkey but it seems to not work if using extended desktop...

    Damien Guard 18 August 2006
  22. Avatar for vatmds

    thank you so much!!! weirdly, my bluetooth keyboard was working without ever pairing it to the fresh install of XP, but I couldn't add new devices or see the hardware - with your tip, the appropriate drivers installed and now i can add other devices as well!!

    vatmds 19 August 2006
  23. Avatar for Kenneth Hui

    Thanks for this great fix. But the problem i am having is the i sight.


    Kenneth Hui 19 August 2006
  24. Avatar for stefan

    I had to add the following line to the BthKicker.inf, under [Apple]

    Apple Built-In Bluetooth= USB_BTH, USB\VID_05ac&PID_8240

    stefan 19 August 2006
  25. Avatar for Kristofer

    On the iMac 20" after completing the Hardware Update Wizard and choosing the Apple Bluetooth Kicker Controller:

    The required section was not found in the INF.

    Kristofer 20 August 2006
  26. Avatar for Kristofer

    Ok, it appears that the easy way to fix my problem with the missing INF section is to add the following line to your BthKicker.inf file (in C:\Program Files\Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP\BthKicker):


    If you end up with a choice of two Apple Bluetooth Kicker Controllers, choose the second one.

    Kristofer 20 August 2006
  27. Avatar for Tim

    Installing of the device failed...the required section was not found in the INF.

    Any help is appreciated! :D

    Tim 21 August 2006
  28. Avatar for Tim

    I'm still getting the INF not found error. Is there any specific place I should be putting [classinstall32]?

    Tim 21 August 2006
  29. Avatar for Tim

    Sorry about all of these replies. All I did was follow this guide until step 5 then let it search within the folder (the greyed out second radio button), and it installed on its own perfectly. Just something else to try if nothing else seems to work! :)

    Tim 21 August 2006
  30. Avatar for Tim

    A thousand sorries for all these posts, but it reads my mouse as a Microsoft mouse (driver is circa 2001), and my scroller doesn't work. hmmmmm

    Tim 21 August 2006
  31. Avatar for benki

    I'm on an 17" iMac and I follow all the steps as suggested. When I get to the list of devices I get TWO devices that start with USB\VID_05ac&PID_1000

    I have continued the rest of the steps with the first device listed and I have no luck. I get an message that says the following:

    "The specified location does not contain information about your hardware."

    I don't know why it gives me this message when I know the the file is at this path:

    C:\Program Files\Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP\BthKicker

    When I follow the steps for the second device I get the exact same results. Please HELP!

    benki 23 August 2006
  32. Avatar for Eric


    Breif history and bio: 15" MBP w/Intel 2.00 GHz. These issues arose after updated BC Beta to v. 1.1 from 1.0. All was operational and no issues at time. Now.....

    Have looked through your suggestions, but have 4 problems that I have not been able work out.

    1. With 82801G (ICH7 family) USB unversal host contrller-27CA/USB root hub/USB human interface device. I attempted following guidance provided (bluetooth), but once attempting reinstall of drivers I get a "device cannot start (Code 10). Was not sure where to pull driver out directly from the file for Mac drivers under program file.

    2. Intel (R) 82801 GBM (ICH7-M) LPC interface controller-27B9, details under unkown device properties provide: ACPI\IFX0101\1

    3. PCI device, Location PCI bus 0, device 7, function 0. , details provides following: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27A3&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_03\3&B1BFB68&0&38

    I am completely miffed on what it is asking or needing to operate

    1. I am unable to access internet via wireless. System sees network, but will not permit access. Under network connections it advies, not connected, Firewalled
    Eric 23 August 2006
  33. Avatar for Damien Guard

    Items 1,2,3 are the Infrared reciever, Infineon TPM module and Intel Hardware Monitoring devices respectively. Drivers for these devices have not been released by Apple and your BootCamp 1.0 install would have been exactly the same - nothing to worry about here.

    Item 4 is the only real problem you have - if your wireless network is secured make 100% sure that you have put in the correct key etc.

    If that fails then fire up device manager, right click on the Atheros wireless network and choose "Uninstall" then wait a few seconds whilst it is removed then choose "Scan for hardware changes" from the action menu and see if that sorts it out.

    Damien Guard 23 August 2006
  34. Avatar for Eric


    Thanks for the reply. It was an issue with the WEP key. It has been resolved.

    Best regards,

    Eric 24 August 2006
  35. Avatar for JP

    My Bluetooth works in Windows but not my Bluetooth Manager or my scrollwheel on my Logitech V270 (Bluetooth mouse). That's weird! Everything was working fine Bluetooth wise before v1.1.

    JP 24 August 2006
  36. Avatar for Jeff

    If I could buy you a beer I totally would!! Thank you so much this was UN-BELIEVABLY HELPFUL!!!!

    Jeff 24 August 2006
  37. Avatar for Eric


    Do you have any suggestions on determining if a driver is installed or exist (v1.1) for the microphone input jack on a MacBook Pro (windows side). Prior to upgrading to v 1.1 from 1.0 BC beta the plug/jack worked without any problems.

    I have utilized windows sound audio wizard to determine if it is working which it is. When I run the program (Rosetta Stone language) unplugged and through the integrated microphone it seems to work alright, but when the headphones are plugged it seems to not record and/or not playback.

    I have updated any software from Microsoft update and updated Java also.

    Thanks for any assistance offered.

    Eric 25 August 2006
  38. Avatar for Ian

    On my Imac 20", the bluetooth worked well for me for a couple of days (for both kb and mouse), but now every time I boot into XP, I have some issues. Keyboard seems to come alive after 30 seconds of waiting at the login screen, which I can live with because I guess it's just being found again, but the mouse needs to be removed and then re-added every time in the Bluetooth setup in control panel. Annoying.

    Is it something to do with the passkeys? What should they both be set as? I set the keyboard as 0000 because I read somewhere that this worked for somebody. Seems ok, but what about the mouse? Is that even the problem?

    More info: In between it working fine and the situation with the mouse now, I did boot it up once with some new USB peripherals like an MBox. Do you think maybe that had an effect and that I need to reinstall the Apple drivers CD and then follow the guide here again to resetup the bluetooth stuff? Or just reinstall the bluetooth drivers?

    Thanks for the excellent guide by the way.

    Ian 25 August 2006
  39. Avatar for GC

    I couldn't find any entry under ....27CB with USB\VID_05ac&PID_1000
    at the beginning. I did see one as noted in here with ...8240. I will retry the whole proceedure when I'm back at my Mac.

    Here some notes on other steps taken:

    I was able to get 15" MacBook pro to find the bluetooth keyboard (but not the wireless mighty mouse) but the keyboard wouldn't work.

    I reloaded bootcamp 1.0 drivers CD..(running automatically) I am now able to find the mouse AND keyboard but only the mouse works. The iSight camera still works so that was apparently not touched. Haven't checked to see if the Sleep and auto-time correct are still OK.

    Also, until I did the 1.0 re-install, the wireless mouse would not work with the initial boot drive selection to pick Mac or Windows... now it does !??

    GC 25 August 2006
  40. Avatar for Slug1

    YES !!!!!
    thank you my friend....i was trying to transfer the Ali G "borat" soundtrack to my cell forever...

    long live nerd gusto!

    Slug1 27 August 2006
  41. Avatar for John Wright

    Nicely done !

    Why can't Apple make this work on the install

    John Wright 29 August 2006
  42. Avatar for grant

    I had the same problem 'benki' did with my MBP 17" showing 2 HID with 'USB\VID_05ac&PID_1000' and not being able to install the drivers.

    I dinked around with a bunch of things including adding the line suggested by 'stefan' (Apple Built-In Bluetooth= USB_BTH, USB\VID_05ac&PID_8240). Which, BTW, allowed the BTHKicker driver to install but not the Microsoft BT enumerator. It turns out the PID_8240 is the IR port on the MBP and why it let the BTHKicker driver install to use it is beyond me. Anyway...

    I removed that line from the BTHKicker.inf and deleted the the bth.inf and bth.pnf files (and , if I remember right, the oemXX.inf/pnf files [these files are added to the inf directory after I had incorrectly installed the BTHKicker driver on the IR device, the XX are digits]) from the c:/windows/inf directory.

    Then I tried the procedure damien recommended and it worked, installing both the BTHKicker driver and the Microsoft BT enumerator, etc. Now, my BT works with my SmartPhone.

    Thank Damien

    grant 29 August 2006
  43. Avatar for Ian


    Sorry to bother everyone when most of you seem to have got it working, but does anyone have the problem where you have to reinstall the bluetooth mouse and/or keyboard every time you boot into XP?

    I have a 20" Imac, and I don't have any devices with USB\VID_05ac&PID_1000 in them at all.

    Here's what I have in Device Manager:
    - Apple Built-in Bluetooth and Microsoft Bluetooth
    - Under Human Interface Devices I have 2 Bluetooth HID devices, neither of which have the above PID 1000 thing. I also have 2 USB Human Interface Devices, again neither of them have that number, and one of them has the dreaded yellow '!'. That is USB\VID_05ac&PID_8240 ..etc etc...
    - Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers I have heaps of things, none of which have the USB\VID_05ac&PID_1000.

    Which device should I reinstall the Apple bluetooth kicker drivers for? I don't have anything in Device Manager called Bluetooth Kicker...sorry if these are all dumbass questions.

    Does it have anything to do with the passkeys you set for your mouse and keyboard? What should you choose when you install them in the Bluetooth devices bit?

    Any ideas how to make it stick?


    Ian 29 August 2006
  44. Avatar for Damien Guard

    Grant, the reason it installed the Bluetooth driver for the Intel infrared port is because you put that line in the .inf file that instructed it that the driver applied to that.

    Ian, the solution here is for when your Bluetooth is totally gone. It seems you have a completely different problem.

    You won't see the Bluetooth kicker once it's done it's job (kicked the Apple and Microsoft Bluetooth devices into place).

    The yellow exclamation marks you are seeing are for the few devices still not supported under BootCamp - namely the Infrared, Hardware Monitoring and Backlit Keyboard.

    As I don't use either a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse I'm afraid I can't help any further other.

    I'd recommend heading to the Apple Discussions group and posting the exact steps/message you get each time you reboot so people can see what exactly is going wrong. It sounds to me like they are somehow unpairing.

    Damien Guard 29 August 2006
  45. Avatar for Trey Bean

    Great tip, but I'm not quite there yet. I seem to have gotten the bluetooth in XP working again, but I'm still having trouble getting my keyboard paired.

    It detects the keyboard when I add the device under 'Bluetooth Devices', but the little balloon message in the bottom right of the screen comes up saying there was a problem installing my device and it might not work properly.

    I'm installing via control panel - bluetooth devices. I search for it and it finds my keyboard, I then choose 'Choose a passkey for me' and hit next. It installs the device, generating a passkey, but never giving me an opportunity to type it in on my keyboard.

    It then goes back to the devices screen after a few balloons saying 'found new hardware', etc.

    Under 'Bluetooth Devices', it says 'passkey enabled' for a few minutes, then changes back to 'No passkey'.

    When I look under Device Manager I have this:

    Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CB
    - USB Root Hub
    - Apple Built-In Bluetooth
    - Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) #2
    - Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI) #2
    - Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator
    - Bluetooth HID Device
    -HID Keyboard Device

    None of these entries have the exclamation mark.

    Any ideas on what I'm missing?


    Trey Bean 30 August 2006
  46. Avatar for Ty

    I get to section 7 and I get the follwoin message

    "The specified location does not contain location about your hardare".

    Any ideas? I'm a bit lost.

    Ty 30 August 2006
  47. Avatar for Damien Guard

    Ty, what model of Mac do you have, did you have BootCamp 1.0 installed and was Bluetooth working then?

    Make sure you chose the correct device in option 2 depending on what hardware you had.

    Damien Guard 30 August 2006
  48. Avatar for Ty


    I have a Macbook 1.83 Ghz. Latest model. Bit new to Mac. I didn't have the ealier version of bootcamp. Anything else you need to know?
    I think I'm choosing the right device. There are two USB Human interface devices and both with the ID's you mentioned and I tried the method on both of them with the same results.


    Ty 30 August 2006
  49. Avatar for Ty

    Oh by the way. I can see the BT Icon in the toolbar but when I access BT and attempt to search for new devices it doesn't find my mighty mouse.

    Ty 30 August 2006
  50. Avatar for Damien Guard

    If you can see the Bluetooth icon on the toolbar then chances are it's also in device manager and the drivers are installed and operating.

    Thats as far as this tip goes and I'm afraid I have no Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to try and assist with other Bluetooth issues.

    Damien Guard 30 August 2006
  51. Avatar for Trey Bean

    I assume that last part might be directed at my post? If so, does it sound like my Bluetooth is set up correctly?

    Trey Bean 30 August 2006
  52. Avatar for Ed

    I don't have a folder in my C: drive Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP or anywhere else for that matter. I updated my BootCamp after installing Leopard and I'm running Windows XP Pro. What can I do to get that BT keyboard working?? I can search for it, but it doesn't detect my keyboard...

    Ed 29 January 2008