QuickReminder mini-app – Time based reminders in your system tray

Screenshot of QuickReminder in actionWhether it’s a meeting for a specific time or remembering to stop the tea brewing in 7 minutes time (lovely tea from Adagio Teas that deserves it’s own blog post) events often whiz by without me noticing. I’m not great at time based background threading… but a computer is.

Sure I fire up Outlook (which I don’t use any more), iCal (Only open when I need it) or Google Calendar, create a new event, choose the type, choose which day and time it occurs at and mentally do the math in my head for 7 minutes from now taking the seconds into consideration…. but that’s distracting enough I think “No, I’ll just remember” and I don’t.

What I want is to make a few clicks to set-up an event – ideally based on previous ones such as another “Green tea brew”. I don’t want audio alarms just a pop-up silent balloon that completely disappears with another single click.

Inspired by App-A-Day I thought “what the hell” and wrote it.

Download QuickReminder (.NET) with full source (29KB).

The source includes a few useful snippets including how to:

  • Access icons/resources in your Resource.resx file without casting or resource managers
  • Make your app register/un-register for automatic startup in Windows
  • Access configuration settings without casting or setting managers
  • Launch a URL from a label
  • Make your system tray based application start-up without a form showing on-screen

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  1. Avatar for Goldsacs

    This is well handy for all those times the missus wants to do stuff at a certain time... cheers

    Goldsacs 6 October 2006