Stupid defaults: Internet Explorer 7

IE7 initial settings dialogSome people just love shipping applications with the stupidest possible default settings.

Internet Explorer 7.0 seems to be just one such application.

If turning on the automatic phishing filter is recommended why does it default to off?

Why does IE7 feel the need to ignore your Windows setting for ClearType and implement it’s own?

If it’s the case that they want more people to use ClearType then how about turn on the setting in Windows?

Finally, my favorite – language which just screams that your language and preference is obviously inferior and you made a mistake.

You should switch to United States at ONCE!

Perhaps they might be able to change it for whilst IE7 is now released and wild at least this configuration page is up on so they could change it there…


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  1. Avatar for Steve

    Heh, that's a bit daft. I can see why they left the Phishing option off if it sends information back to base (they might be worried about getting bashed over privacy issues again), but duplicating and ignoring system-wide settings is just retarded.

    IE7 is too late anyway. If I wanted to switch browsers again I might choose Opera, but not a new IE. Opera is nice but I feel naked without my Firefox extensions, the same will definitely apply to IE7.

    Still, at least those ill-informed or lazy enough to still use the default browser will get a better one at last.

    Steve 19 October 2006