A penny for your Guy thoughts

So, it’s that time of year again.

The 5th of November. Bonfire night. Guy Fawkes.

And so, with the apt smell of damp gunpowder in the air, we headed down to my friends James’ parents house and met up with the usual suspects, their partners and additional family members for a good show.

Earlier this week V for Vendetta had put me very much in the mood for the holiday. It is an unusual take on the whole Gunpowder Plot and how it inspires the citizens of a police-state London run by a dictator to stand up and take their country back. Whilst I don’t agree with violence to achieve political change it was a not too subtle reminder about keeping our governments in control and making sure they remember who serves who.

I digress.

The fireworks were self-organized being the explosive equivalent of bring a bottle and so I handed over my obligatory couple of packets of fist sized rockets I’d managed to purchase just as Oatlands ran out. I think the guy behind me got the last two packets – and that’s only because I decided not to take four and deprive him of any.

The display went mostly without a hitch although the lack of wind dropped the odd spent rocket fuselage back down to the ignition team and one firework return to the ground before exploding. Luckily nobody was injured – most had the sense to run away and the team was spared for next year. Notably absent from this years lineup of fire-starters was Jamie who is away practicing being smug at university in England.

We ate hot-dogs and the Guernsey specialty, bean-jar, consuming them and drinks in the marquee (except the designated driving few – alas myself included).

We chilled out and so wombled over to the bonfire and warmed back up all the while chatting and enjoying the dancing lights in the sky. As a plane came in low heading towards the airport I made a mental note never to fly on November 5th.

Alas things took an ugly turn as the police arrived.

James’ uncle’s new Land Rover was parked out by the seafront and had been intentionally vandalized. Specifically the front two tires had been let down and the bonnet (hood) had been badly scratched up – perhaps with something sharp like a screwdriver.

About 20 minutes later we were informed by an officer that a neighbor had been arrested and was being taken to the station – presumably on criminal damage charges.

And thus ends the story of our 5th of November. Take care!


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