Envy Code B font available in TrueType format

It’s been a long time coming but finally – a TrueType conversion of my programming font Envy Code B.

Envy Code B on the Mac size 13It’s still a pixelated font so will only look good at 10pt (on Windows, 13pt on the Mac). There is no bold or italic variants but this should be enough to get it into those elusive TTF-only applications like CodeSmith and Flash.

Please note however that there will be color fringing on ClearType systems. This seems to be a limitation of the Windows XP font rendering system as it is even ignoring the bit-mapped font representation despite documentation I’ve read online to the contrary.

Envy Code B on the Mac at size 10 anti-aliasedYou can use the font on Mac OS X too – set to size 13 and turn off anti-aliasing where available (e.g. Terminal). It also looks quite good at 10pt if you can read text that small.

Now maybe I can get the hang of vector based fonts and produce a proper scalable version… Until then Anonymous or Monaco are quite worthy replacements ;-)


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