Guernsey considers ban on replica guns

A proposal is currently being considered within the States of Guernsey to ban all replica guns including the air-powered "Airsoft" ones used in the BB-war style sporting events.

I can understand the thinking behind such a decision when replica guns are causing a significant problem such as might currently be in England where the proposals seemed to originate from however a total ban seems absurd.

Here in Guernsey however we don’t have a problem with guns, replica or otherwise. I can’t recall ever having read such an issue although I’m sure there probably has been the odd one at some distant point in the past.

A Guernsey company called BattleTec organizes weekly matches for regular players as well as events for birthdays, corporates, friendlies etc.

The small lightweight plastic pellets don’t really hurt especially compared paint balls which are much heavier, faster and will leave you covered in bruises. I currently have a few to show from the weekend.

If this ban goes through no doubt my sisters boyfriend’s business will be forced to close and who knows what will happen to their mortgage.

Here is an activity that isn’t a problem being threatened because of what-if scenarios that also currently aren’t a problem.

I wonder who exactly our politicians are serving when they raise proposals nobody asked for.

Thankfully it seems Battletech and their members got themselves organized quickly and around 80 of them were there to address the States politicians tonight and provide each of them with an information pack on the sport as well as fielding any questions they may have.

The fact that these proposals could become law within 14 days without public consultation worries me greatly.

How many other activities, freedoms and interests can they ban?


The local BattleTec group met with a number of politicians and showed them the guys they use and explained what they do. The politicians seemed satisfied and have let the proposal drop :)


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    Surely it's just a case of exempting organised events (which I thought had alerady been mooted)? After all, the fact that you can't carry a real gun around doesn't stop the Guernsey Rifle Club operating.

    steve November 16, 2006