Xbox 360 misleading advertising?

Xbox 360 advert adjusted for realityI really enjoy my Xbox 360 – surprising considering I held the opinion my Xbox 1 was an ugly waste of space and that my PlayStation 2 satisfied my needs.

Microsoft have done many things right with this machine (Online, XNA, dashboard, media center, high-def). Sure, the hard disk should have been bigger especially now they are selling movies but my real complaint is that there STILL aren’t enough titles I want to play on it.

Imagine my surprise when flicking through this months PC Gamer (UK) magazine and finding an advert on page 59 with the words

“Feel the intense power of having way too many options to choose from. Jump in. Xbox 360”

Followed by a giant hand-print of hundreds of games. Wow, I must have missed something. There must be lots of games just waiting for me!

A quick scan through revealed a lot of dull EA Sports licenses (FIFA, NHL, Madden, NBA blah blah blah) and a lot of duplicated titles.

A thought struck me – If I crossed out all the duplicate images what would we have left?

Something a little closer to reality. Click the image to zoom.


Yes, dupes of Burnout, FEAR and Ultimate Alliance were missed. I’m not taking a new photo :p


4 responses

  1. Avatar for steve

    Yeah, I spotted that in Edge this month. Cheeky.

    steve November 27, 2006
  2. Avatar for carlo

    send it into a gamer mag.. i bet they'd feature it.. funny stuff :)

    carlo November 27, 2006
  3. Avatar for Ansiguy

    Nice and funny! I have it hooked up to my home theater system and HDTV. Totally rocks! :-) I still need to get more games. Gold membership is pretty good.
    see my raves

    Ansiguy November 27, 2006
  4. Avatar for Goldsacs

    My bet is there will be an increased size HD upgrade once the christmas boom is over such that they dont disturb christmas sales... I wonder if ladbrokes would take the bet ;-)

    Goldsacs November 28, 2006