BSc (Honours) Information Technology and Computing, First-class

As anyone who’s been reading this blog for too long will know I’ve been taking a degree in computer science (well, the closest the Open University had) in my spare time since 1999.

Yesterday the results came through for my final year where I managed to achieve a grade 2 pass (which requires 70%+ on both assignments and exam).

Combined with my three distinctions, one other grade 2 and three grade 3 results (hey, sometimes those exams are tough ;-) that means I have managed to achieve a First-class with Honours.


Now I just need to wait until next year to go and pick it up and get my photo taken in a silly hat.


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  1. Avatar for steve


    The graduation ceremony is well worth it. Sure, the academic garb is a bit silly, but then everyone is wearing it and it gives it a sense of occasion. It's also a great cap to so many years hard work.

    They normally get a celeb in to do a keynote of some sort - it was John Snow of C4 News when I graduated (all of 6 years ago now - scary). It's a shame Betty Boothroyd isn't the chancellor anymore, she was awesome. She didn't have to shout 'Order!' once during our ceremony, luckily.

    steve 17 December 2006
  2. Avatar for Adrian Ritchie

    Well done!

    I know you put loads of work into that degree and you got the result you deserve.

    I know it was hard enough studying a degree full time, I can only imagine what it must be like to be working (mostly) full time AND do a degree.

    The ceremony is well worth it. When you receive the results in the post you know you've got the degree but the ceremony makes it feel more official... and you get to wear the funny gown thing.

    Adrian Ritchie 17 December 2006
  3. Avatar for Steve Richer

    Excellent - well done!

    Steve Richer 17 December 2006
  4. Avatar for Carlo

    well done mate, congrats! :)

    Carlo 17 December 2006
  5. Avatar for Rik Hemsley


    Now get to work on that font!

    Rik Hemsley 17 December 2006
  6. Avatar for Tim Park

    Well done mate, you'll soon be ripping Windows from Gate's hands :-)

    Tim Park 17 December 2006