Guernsey Developers User Group, January 25

The recently-formed Guernsey Software Developers Forum are having a meeting on the 25th of January at the GTA University Centre above the post office at 6pm.

The founder, Fillippo Borselli will be giving a presentation on FIT – a Framework for Integrated Test and it should be a good place to meet a few fellow developers.


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    Yep, got the info about this one today too and plan to go. I only go to the BCS meetings infrequently but this one looks more interesting.

    FIT's an interesting idea although I'm not sure it will scale very well, it will be interesting to hear practical usage. We used JUnit extensively in the last project I was on and I lost count of the test cases but I'm sure it was in the many hundreds, probably 1-2000 if you count each condition. When you get to any significant size, a document or documents probably doesn't really work that well.

    The other thing is that there are many conditions that aren't natural for a customer to express as a table too (many customers aren't great with structured approaches, although finance people who use Excel as the 'one true tool for all' will be happy with it. Round-trip tools are always fraught with issues of cross-exchange of limitations (the lowest common denominator applies) and sometimes a conceptual break can be a positive thing, so long as controls are in place to ensure nothing falls between the gaps. No user/customer I know thinks at the unit testing level anyway; their test plans tend to be much more combinational & contextual, something that quickly bloats a unit testing suite (necessarily) but makes for very dull reading in a document.

    steve January 10, 2007