Where do the recycled things go?

We interrupt this blog of technical snippets and personal commentary to bring you an interesting look (courtesy of the BBC) at what happens to the various bottles, cans and plastics that are sent for recycling – at least in the UK. (Hit the "In pictures" link next to each person).

It is interesting that the companies involved highlight a few items that are troublesome to recycle – this information needs to make it back to consumers so that we know they’re not going to be part of the recycling process and choose to adjust our buying habits.

From what I can see green bottles are currently in overload, envelopes cause a problem especially brown or windowed ones and telephone directories (perhaps use an on-line one instead).

Here in Guernsey the government does not collect items for recycling but offer advice and information on a number of recycling points you can take items to. Friends of the Earth Guernsey also have a page about various items that are accepted by various charities.


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  1. Avatar for Adrian Ritchie

    A thought provoking post. Is this in advance of going to see An Inconvenient Truth?

    I'll also make sure to extend my recycling in Guernsey google earth layer to include all the sites listed in the Friends of the Earth Guernsey site.

    Adrian Ritchie February 2, 2007
  2. Avatar for Sue

    Yarr me hearties - how are we all?

    Are you going to this BCS-spa meeting on the 22nd? Not sure what its all about yet but might give it a go.

    I am on email just very irregularly as the cafeteria here is a bit scary in my first week...

    Sue February 9, 2007