Google Apps Premier Edition announced

I’ve been a user of Google Apps for your domain for some time – primarily to let me use the great Gmail interface for my own mail domains (thanks to the domain alias feature they introduced last month).

Logging into my mailbox this morning I was surprised to find that my account is now considered a Standard Edition but that a Premier Edition is available too.

For $50 USD per year per account you get:

  • 10gb of email storage (vs 2gb normally)
  • AdSense can be switched off
  • Calendar sharing
  • API to integrate with existing infrastructure (single sign on, user management etc).
  • Migration tools (limited right now)
  • 24×7 assistance and telephone support

You can upgrade right now for a free trial on your existing account however you’ll have to provide a credit card number that will be billed come April 30th if you haven’t canceled by then.

Google have also rolled Spreadsheets, Documents and Document management into the Apps services for everybody and now include a rolling 90-day graph of user activity on the dashboard.

Now where’s the pop mail collection facility that hit the non-app/domain version of Gmail a couple of weeks ago…


2 responses

  1. Avatar for steve

    Sounds pretty cool. I use almost all of Google's apps although I've shied away from making GMail my primary account, mostly because it seems an irreversable decision since there's no way to export mail (without bulk-forwarding). I kinda like having local control of my repository of emails still, especially for business.

    steve February 24, 2007
  2. Avatar for Damien Guard

    I just fire up a POP3 client every now and then and download the new stuff to that.

    Damien Guard February 25, 2007