More free gems for the Mac

It must be that time again already… here we go!


Everyone needs a calendar to hand. In Windows using the time in system bar seems to be the quickest option although it’s obviously not meant for that and one false click sends you to the future.

Vista and OS X come with widgets to do this but there is something just satisfying about this calendar-in-the-menubar app.


Mac OS X comes with a built-in package installer that won’t uninstall applications. Curiously NextStep had just that but it never came across to OS X with everything else although the installer does still write the receipts (logs).

Perhaps Apple believe dragging the .app to the trash is enough but if you like to also junk the various other files occasionally held in places such as in /Library/Application Support/ then AppDelete is for you.

App Update widget

This cool widget checks Apple, MacUpdate and VersionTracker for new versions of the applications you have installed and lets you download with a couple of clicks.

It’s a little buggy sometimes at recognizing you already have that version especially when the developers use build numbers etc. but the author anticipated this so there is a “yeah that’s the version I have” option to let it know.

kuler color widget

Adobe’s web site exists to help you create sets of 5 matching colors, name them, share them and rate them. It’s the Flickr! of color palettes and comes with a handy widget for OS X.


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    The people that created the App Update widget also do a Widget Update widget that does the same thing but for your installed widgets.

    GrinGod May 11, 2007