Subversion talk at Guernsey Developer User Group

This presentation is now available on-line.

I will be giving a talk entitled “Change management with Subversion” at the Guernsey Developer User Group later this month.

The talk will start with the reasons for change management and the terminology Subversion uses before delving into a typical work cycle. The AnkhSVN client for Visual Studio and the TortoiseSVN client for Windows Explorer will be demonstrated and various other points covered such as when to branch, when to merge, what server options exist etc.

If you are interested in source control, team collaboration or release management then feel free to come along.

This GDUG meeting takes place on the 24th of May at the Guernsey Training Agency’s office above the Guernsey Post Office in Smith Street. As usual the meeting will start at 6pm and the talk will likely start shortly after that and run to around 30-45 minutes (I’m still finalizing the content).

This location is the venue for the tonight annual general meeting of the Guernsey section of British Computer Society. I believe this particular BCS event is only open to BCS members but if you are a member then this is a gentle reminder. At least 4 of us from the GDUG will be in attendance.


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