DiffMerge is free, try it with AnkhSVN

SourceGear, known for their Vault source control software, are giving away their three-way diff & merge tool DiffMerge for Windows, Mac and Unix.

DiffMerge has a clear interface and supports for file-type specific rule-sets that allow you to decide how to deal with white-space, line-endings, encoding etc.

I’ll be using it instead of my trusty KDiff for a couple of weeks to see how things go.

To use DiffMerge in AnkhSVN head into the Tools > AnkhSVN > Edit the AnkhSVN Configuration menu option and then paste each of the following command-lines into the associated configuration option.


C:\\Program Files\\SourceGear\\DiffMerge\\DiffMerge.exe "%base" "%mine" /t1="Base version" /t2="My version"


C:\\Program Files\\SourceGear\\DiffMerge\\DiffMerge.exe "%base" "%theirs" "%mine" /r="%merged" /t1="Base version" /t2="Their version" /t3="My version"

Alternatively you might want to check out Trevor Green’s instructions on using DiffMerge with TortoiseSVN if you are not yet sold on AnkhSVN and it’s Visual Studio integration.


4 responses

  1. Avatar for steve

    I've always been pretty happy with WinMerge, although it doesn't have an OSX or Linux version. Doesn't have a 3-way merge but given the way I work with merging (always via patches rather than snapshots) I've never found I needed that.

    I'd be a little wary of this one being abandonware (since it's not open source) but it will be interesting to see what it's like.

    steve June 15, 2007
  2. Avatar for steve

    It's quite nice, but I do miss the syntax highlighting that WinMerge does. A small thing but I've gotten used to it.

    steve June 15, 2007
  3. Avatar for cguillemette

    The configuration is no longer needed. Ankhsvn now detects installer diff/merge tools.

    cguillemette March 9, 2010
  4. Avatar for abrak.jamson

    I still needed to configure it. Also, note that you need to replace the quotation marks in the configuration strings with straight quotes.

    abrak.jamson June 14, 2010