Web Application Security for Developers presentation

Last nights Guernsey Software Developers Forum meeting was sparsely attended with a number of the regulars attendees absent. There were however two new faces including Kezzer who I’d been chatting to on-line for years.

Hopefully the low numbers were down to the seasonal summer holidays and the subsequent knock-on effect that we couldn’t get email out to the BCS Guernsey division to gather sufficient awareness.

I did a short presentation on Web Application Security for Developers that covered HTML injection, SQL injection and cross-site scripting including some live demonstrations on sample code. Slides and sample are available although without audio or screen cast of the demonstrations until I work out how to do that with Keynote.


I’ve come to the conclusion that putting presentations together takes me around 1 hour of preparation to 1 minute of presentation…


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    I did have to briefly work with injection issues many years ago so it was quite enlightening to see the different types of injection hacks once again. Nowadays many of us don't need to worry about such issues with out-the-box packages enabling us to have dynamic content on demand without the need for custom buily CMS's.

    It was a good talk, and apologies for not being able to join you for a drink afterwards but I did actually have to be at a leaving party for a friend who's off to China on Friday. I promise I'll come out for a drink next time though :)

    It was good to finally meet you too. It's surprising how long it has been since we first spoke on the Internet to this point. It's also mad how much I manage to see Steve (intentionally) but never bump into you (either unintentionally or intentionally). I'm sure we'll see each other more-so in the future.


    Kezzer August 16, 2007