Apology for the odd theme and sluggish speed

I’ve switched to a lightweight theme (300KB less per initial hit) whilst we are overloaded with requests from the excellent Daring Fireball regarding the font rendering philosophies post.

I’ve tried moving some images off site but it’s just typical this happens the week before I move to proper hosting. My poor home DSL line is melting!


Things have calmed down and through a combination of moving images off-site, switching theme and enabling GZip compression for .js and .css the site has survived despite being overloaded at times through lack of bandwidth (CPU and RAM were just fine)

I’ll leave the theme as it is for now in case we get a second wave – the hits appear to come in waves as different time-zones hit different parts of their wake-up, get-to-work and get-home cycles.

The 60 day old post has now had 20,000 hits – about 19,500 of them within the last 24 hours. Slicing and dicing the stats in SQL reveal that my blog has been running for 977 days, consists of 263 blog posts averaging one post every 3.5 days. It has received 1239,51 hits in that time, a sixth of which were in the last 24 hours.

It’s amazing for so many people to read something I have written but as analytics is already pointing out fame is fleeting.

Here’s hoping a few of them decided to add me to their news reader :)


2 responses

  1. Avatar for steve

    Sucks to be popular, eh? :)

    steve August 21, 2007
  2. Avatar for Stu

    dsl line on toast with some marmite! mmm..

    wondered why I could not access the site.

    more exposure is a good thing eh.

    Stu August 21, 2007