Guernsey Software Developer Forum, September 27th

My good friend Steve ‘Sinbad’ Streeting (founder of the impressive and popular Ogre 3D engine) will be giving a talk on Thursday 27th September at 6pm at the Guernsey Training Agency above the Post Office in Smith Street. The talk will cover cross-platform development, provisionally:

  1. Benefits of considering cross-platform solutions
  2. Definition of a ‘platform’
  3. Typical implementation challenges
  4. Common techniques and approaches

Steve also assures me he’ll be touching on some cross-platform libraries like the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) and wxWidgets UI library. As always the doors are open to all and the event is totally free so come along, learn something and make some contacts.

On a sad note GSDF founder Filippo Borselli will be leaving the island to go and work with the great people at ThoughtWorks in the UK.


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  1. Avatar for Eddy Young

    How big is Guernsey? If I recall, it's not that big, so I'm surprised you even hav enough programmers to form a user-group! :-)

    Eddy Young September 14, 2007
  2. Avatar for Damien Guard

    There are around 65,000 people in Guernsey and much of the industry is based around finance. This means we probably have more developers than is usual for such a small community. My first programming job was for a company that employed around 25 developers. If I had to guess I'd say there are at least 200 developers on the island.

    Damien Guard September 16, 2007
  3. Avatar for Eddy Young

    Interesting... I knew the islands offered a lot of tax incentives, but did not know that companies actually operated there.

    I might visit the islands on my UK visa for my next holiday. Reading the relevant wikipedia page, I can detect a lot of French influence (place names, legislation, etc.) which makes it even more interesting since my home country Mauritius also has strong influences from bot the Britisd and the French. So, do you speak French?

    -- Eddy

    Eddy Young September 16, 2007
  4. Avatar for Damien Guard

    We are taught a basic level in secondary school so many people know a bunch of words and phrases but grammar, spelling and decent punctuation are really only known by those just finishing French at school or those that regularly use it on holiday/at work.

    Drop me a line if you do find yourself on the island!

    Damien Guard September 16, 2007