List of Guernsey Estate Agents

I’ve posted my list of Guernsey Estate Agents as other on-line lists were not comprehensive and prevented bookmarking or copying the address to send to others thanks to the annoying framing they used (so 90’s).

Yes, I’m house-hunting again after my estate agent failed to mention (claimed to be ignorant of the fact) that all the lovely fields and views from my proposed home were already marked as a target housing area by the States of Guernsey as part of their Urban Area Plan (PDF, 5Mb).

These sites were set in 2002 and number just five. I wonder how long these people would last in IT if they took such an active disinterest in their field?


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    An RSS feed of all properties coming up would be pretty invaluable, at least if the agents actually updated their online sites quickly enough; when I was last looking (admittedly 6 years ago now!) they were almost universally bad at this, making the online sites pretty useless unless you were looking for the houses that hadn't sold for a couple of days, which meant they weren't the best ones.

    Both houses I've bought I only got because the agent called me when they came in, since I was registered as being interested in a certain category. The smaller agencies were best for that. we were lucky to get the place we're living in now - it literally was on the market in the afternoon, we saw it at 5pm, put an offer in at 6pm, and were accepted at 7pm. Someone else tried to offer at 9am the next day (all this before it was advertised anywhere) - they even tried to gazump us in fact, but luckily for us the sellers were the kind of solid, principled people who say that once they've agreed to something, that's that, so we still got it at the price we'd offered. It's good to know there are people with ethics still around, I still have a ton of respect for that couple.

    steve September 29, 2007