LINQ presentation at Guernsey Developer Forum

I will be giving a talk at the Guernsey Software Developer Forum at the end of the month on Microsoft’s new Language Integrated Query (LINQ) with particular emphasis on the capabilities and object-relational mapping characteristics of LINQ to SQL.

Now confirmed for:

  • Date & time **Tuesday 29th January, 6pm**
  • Location **Guernsey Training Agency above Smith Street Post Office**
  • Open to **everybody**

This presentation is now available on-line.


2 responses

  1. Avatar for Steve

    Groovy - I pinged Jamie about it and he'll be coming too provided he gets enough notice (next week should be fine). Hopefully we'll get more after the general announcement & BCS mail too.

    Steve January 5, 2008
  2. Avatar for Kezzer

    I'm out of the country until June it seems so I'll be missing most of this years too. After that though I'll be a regular attender :) Shame I'm missing this talk though, it looks very interesting (despite my anti-MS-oriented agenda ;))

    Kezzer January 10, 2008