Apple Store Vancouver opens tomorrow

Apple are opening an Apple Store here in Vancouver, BC tomorrow at 10:00am.

It is located in the upper level of the Pacific Center mall on the corner of West Georgia and Granville.

I’ll be there tomorrow morning grabbing a DVI to Video Adapter so I can watch the small collection of English Region-2 DVD’s I brought with me on a decent sized TV.

Of course if it wasn’t for region coding I could use the DVD player already in the lounge… and buy a US Xbox 360 to play my 20+ existing games…


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  1. Avatar for Damien Guard

    There was a massive 1 hour queue to get inside the Apple Store when it opened this morning.

    Sometimes it's embarrasing to be associated with a group that behaves like a cult.

    I went shopping for clothes instead and picked up my video cable a couple of hours later.

    Damien Guard May 25, 2008
  2. Avatar for Tim Park

    Ahh [) you are straying from the path of a true geek. Your punishment is to watch all six Star Wars films in Star Wars Time-Line order not in production order nothing like finishing with few cuddly Ewoks to set back on your true path(becoming the adoptive son of Mr S Jobs).

    Tim Park May 25, 2008