Koncrete How small can a slab be before it's a slate?

Simulated usage

Slab-serif fonts are my favorite family of fonts. From the incredibly gorgeous Guardian Egyptian to Rockwell and so many other slabs.

You could argue with 8 pixels across and 8 up that any slab look is going to be lost or you could argue that almost ever serif font created in this size is a slab because we don't have enough detail to a traditional serif. I wouldn't argue with you either way.

So why another serif? Well, this one - loosely based on Rockwell - is wider and more rounded than ZX Courier and Envious Serif giving it more flavor but feels less cramped than Mutual and less stylised than Plato. As always use the screenshot simulator to compare and find the font that works best for your game!

Can be seen in Sherlock: A Study in Scarlet.