ZX Courier It might be size reduced but you can at least draw it in color

Commissioned by IBM in 1955 for use on their typewriters, Courier soon became a de-facto standard on typewriters and screenplays. It successfully made the jump to graphical user interfaces with the advent of TrueType after a slow start as a bitmap font.

I created this font around 2006 as part of the BASIN package, which required some fonts for people to use in their apps and games but was cleaned up in 2018 to make it feel more distinctly Courier and less a generic mono-spaced serif.

The monospace design of the original makes it work quite well on the Spectrum with even spacing. It works well for title, information and blocks of text and gives a smart feel that does not feel as dated as Courier does on modern platforms.

Can be seen in SjASMPlus.

Simulated usage